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Dr. Camacho & Collaborator Dr. Biondi et. al Report Latest Findings on the Regulation of the Master Kinase PDK1 in Science Signaling

The image shows models based on SEC-SAXS data of full-length monomeric PDK1 alone at the top and in complex with the inositol polyphosphate derivative HYG8 at the bottom. Credit: Sacerdoti et al./Science Signaling


CSB’s Dr. Camacho and his collaborator Dr. Biondi et. al reported their latest findings on the regulation of the master kinase PDK1 in Science Signaling.
“Our findings that distinct conformations elicited by interactions with small molecules resulted in differing substrate specificities is a significant contribution to the understanding of kinase behavior and function. PDK1 inhibition directly ameliorated Alzheimer’s and Prion disease pathologyThus, our discoveries can ultimately lead to the development of more effective and specific inhibitors or activators for this and other therapeutic purposes.”