Wayne Stallaert

Wayne Stallaert, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Université de Montréal

The Assembly
5051 Center Ave, 1033
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

E-mail: stallaert@pitt.edu

Research Summary

I am fascinated by the plasticity of the cell cycle and its extraordinary capacity to adapt to changes in the environment or genome. Resolving this diversity in cell cycle regulation is key to fully understanding biological problems ranging from development and regeneration to inflammation, aging and cancer, where the decisions of when and where to trigger cell division are of paramount importance. My lab combines advanced single-cell imaging and computational approaches to study cell cycle plasticity in its natural habitat: embedded within a complex, multicellular environment. Using patient-derived tissues and organoids, we investigate the contribution of cell cycle plasticity in tumorigenesis and cancer drug resistance, and how the spatial organization of a tumor shapes a cancer cell’s decision to proliferate or arrest.

Recent Publications
Stallaert W, Taylor SR, Kedziora KM, Taylor CD, Sobon HS, Young CL, Limas JC, Holloway JV, Cook JG, Purvis JE (2022) The molecular architecture of cell cycle arrest Molecular Systems Biology.

Stallaert W, Kedziora KM, Taylor CD, Zikry TM, Ranek JS, Sobon HS, Taylor SR, Young CL, Cook JG, Purvis JE (2022) The structure of the human cell cycle Cell Systems. 13(3): 230-240

Stallaert W, Kedziora KM, Chao HX, Purvis JE (2019) Bistable switches as integrators and actuators during cell cycle progression FEBS letters. 593(20): 2805-2816