Keisuke Ishihara

Keisuke Ishihara, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Systems Biology, Harvard University

Biomedical Science Tower 3
3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Research Summary

My group takes a synthetic approach to study how cells form tissues. “Synthetic” embodies the experimental creation of states of physical organization and gene expression that push a multicellular system to all possible extremes. The synthetic approach allows us to discover novel regulatory molecules, dormant genetic programs, and general physical principles, which we will critically evaluate as next generation strategies for organ engineering. My group will quantitatively capture 3D tissue morphogenesis through imaging, computation, and molecular profiling. We will use this knowledge to develop genetic and chemical tools to engineer in vitro tissues such as human brain organoids and cardiac organoids.

Recent Publications
Ishihara K, Mukherjee A, Gromberg E, Brugues J, Tanaka E, Jülicher F (2021) Topological morphogenesis of neuroepithelial organoids bioRxiv.

Ishihara K, Decker F, Caldas P, Pelletier JF, Loose M, Brugues J, Mitchison TJ (2021) Spatial Variation of Microtubule Depolymerization in Large Asters Mol. Biol. Cell.

Ishihara K, Tanaka E (2018) Spontaneous symmetry breaking and pattern formation of organoids Current Opinion in Systems Biology. 11: 123–128