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CSB Research Mission:
Advance the scientific understanding of biological and biomedical systems through integration of computational, experimental and theoretical approaches based on the fundamental principles of physical and quantitative sciences

Design new models and methods for simulating complex biological processes and for extracting useful information from rapidly growing biological data

Computational biology was established as a research discipline at the University of Pittsburgh with the vision of the Senior Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arthur S. Levine, who recruited Dr. Bahar to create a new Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics in March 2001, which soon became a highly visible center. The creation of the Department of Computational Biology within the School of Medicine followed in October 2004. Built on the premise of the founding Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, the department was created with Dr. Ivet Bahar as the Founding Chair, to establish a home uniquely welcoming to highly interdisciplinary faculty, and to firmly establish the University of Pittsburgh in a nationally recognized leadership role in a field of tremendous growth and excitement. The department name was changed to Department of Computational and Systems Biology in 2009, to reflect the expansion in research and educational goals and activities of the department.

Definition of Computational Biology:
A new discipline at the interface between biological and computational sciences, aiming at the development and application of computational models, methods and tools to study, describe, and predict biological systems behavior, inter-relationships and time evolution, using biological data, machine learning, and basic principles of life, physical, and quantitative sciences.