Hagai Meirovitch

Hagai Meirovitch, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. in Statistical Mechanics, The Weizmann Institute of Science

Phone: (412)648-3333

Research Summary

Structure and function of proteins by the energetic and statistical approaches. Development of modeling of solvation, methods for calculating the entropy and the free energy of macromolecules and fluids (water), and simulation and conformational search techniques for protein systems. These methods are components of a new statistical mechanics methodology for treating flexibility applied to loops, peptides, and active sites to understand protein-protein and protein-ligand recognition processes (e.g., antibody-antigen interactions) and to analyze NMR and x-ray data of flexible molecules.

Recent Publications
General IJ, Dragomirova R, Meirovitch H (2012) Absolute free energy of binding of avidin/biotin, revisited J Phys Chem B. 116: 6628-36

Meirovitch H (2010) Methods for calculating the absolute entropy and free energy of biological systems based on ideas from polymer physics. J Mol Recognit. 23: 153-72

Mihailescu M, Meirovitch H (2010) Entropy and Free Energy of a Mobile Loop Based on the Crystal Structures of the Free and Bound Proteins. Entropy (Basel). 12(8): 1946-1974