Robin E. C. Lee

Robin E. C. Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa

3083 Biomedical Science Tower 3
3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-648-8607

Research Summary

To decide between irreversible cell fates such as growth, differentiation or death, cells process information about their environment through a network of molecular circuits. Our research combines principles of systems and synthetic biology with large-scale data to understand how information flows through these circuits. By observing input-output relationships in the same cell using microfluidics, live-cell dynamics and single-molecule microscopy, we aim to decode the ‘language’ of signaling dynamics and develop mathematical models of information flow with single-cell resolution. Our ultimate goal is to understand how population-level responses emerge from single-cell heterogeneity and to rationally manipulate cell fate decisions in disease.

Recent Publications
Singh M, Oltvai ZN, Warita K, Warita T, Faeder JR, Lee REC, Sant S (2018) Shift from Sto-chastic to spatially-ordered expression of serine-glycine synthesis enzymes in 3D microtumors Sci. Rep. 8:9388:

Morel PA, Lee REC, Faeder JR (2017) Demystifying the cytokine network: Mathematical models point the way Cytokine. 98: 115-123

Shrestha A, Lee REC, Megeney LA (2015) Monitoring the proteostasis function of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae metacaspase Yca1 Methods Mol Biol. 1133: 223-235
Project title Proj Start Date Proj End Date Funding Source
Deciphering Dynamic Signals in Control of Cell Fate Decisions 9/1/2016 6/30/2021 NIH-NIGMS