Jianhua Xing

Jianhua Xing, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Theoretical Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley, 2002
Xing, Jianhua

3084 Biomedical Science Tower 3
3501 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Phone: 412-383-5743
E-mail: xing1@pitt.edu
Website: https://www.csb.pitt.edu/Faculty/xing/

Research Summary

The Xing lab is interested in the following fundamental questions. How do thousands of molecules species orchestrate temporally and spatially to determine a cell phenotype? How can one regulate and direct cell phenotype? Specifically, the lab currently focuses on Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT), characterized by loss of cell-cell adhesion and increased cell motility. EMT plays important roles in embryonic development, tissue regeneration, wound healing and pathological processes such as fibrosis in lung, liver, and kidney, and cancer metastasis. The lab studies the coupled gene expression and epigenetic dynamics of EMT.

Recent Publications

Xiao-Jun Tian, Hang Zhang, Jens Sannerud, Jianhua Xing (2016) Achieving diverse and monoallelic olfactory receptor selection through dual-objective optimization design Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Jingyu Zhang, Xiao-Jun Tian and Jianhua Xing (2016) Signal transduction pathways of EMT induced by TGF-Beta, SHH, and WNT and their crosstalks J. Clin. Med. 5:41

Zhang J, Tian XJ, Chen YJ, Wang W, Watkins S, Xing J Cells Interpret Temporal Information From TGF-β Through A Nested Relay Mechanism bioRxiv, 134106


Project title Proj Start Date Proj End Date Funding Source
Collaborative Research: Modeling the coupling of epigenetic and transcriptional regulation 9/15/2015 8/31/2019 NSF