Andrew Stern

Andrew M. Stern, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry, University of California at Los Angeles

3501 Fifth Avenue
Suite 10048 Biomedical Science Tower 3 (BST3)
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Phone: 412-648-9897

Research Summary

The overarching goal of our research is to identify mechanisms involved in complex human disease progression and use this knowledge to develop novel therapies for individual patients. We apply a holistic clinically relevant quantitative systems biology and pharmacology approach. This involves the development, implementation, and integration of several high throughput and high content molecular and cell-based technologies and models to comprehensively define fundamental biological processes that are perturbed in particular diseases.

Recent Publications
Bahreini A, Li Z, Wang P, Levine KM, Tasdemir N, Cao L, Weir HM, Puhalla SL, Davidson NE, Stern AM, Chu D, Park BH, Lee AV, Oesterreich S (2017) Mutation site and context dependent effects of ESR1 mutation in genome-edited breast cancer cell models. Breast Cancer Res. 19(1): 60

Gough A, Stern AM, Maier J, Lezon T, Shun TY, Chennubhotla SC, Schurdak ME, Haney SA, Taylor DL (2017) Biologically Relevant Heterogeneity: Metrics and Practical Insights. SLAS Discov.. (3): 213-237

Shanhang J, Miedel MT, Ngo M, Hessenius R, Wang P, Bahreini A, Li Z, Ding Z, Chen N, Shun TY, Zuckerman DM, Taylor DL, Puhalla SL, Lee AV, Oesterreich S, Stern AM (2017) Clinically observed estrogen receptor alpha mutations within the ligand-binding domain confer distinguishable phenotypes indicative of Darwinian-like somatic evolution Oncology.


Project title Proj Start Date Proj End Date Funding Source
Determining Mechanisms of Disease Progression using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) 01/01/2015 12/31/2018 PA Dept of Health