Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Established in October 2020 – Stepping up to enhance and cultivate a climate of integrity and respect for all


Mission Statement:

The mission of the CBS Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to support the department’s efforts to attract and retain talented trainees and scientist from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, carrying diverse life experiences and perspectives.

Mission, Objectives and Responsibilities

The department of Computational and Systems Biology is committed in creating an environment where students, staff and faculty feel valued, included and free to express their beliefs and ideas. CSB appreciates the unique way each and everyone contributes in creating a successful niche dedicated to the advancement of knowledge. The mission of the CBS Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to support the department’s efforts to attract and retain talented trainees and scientist from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, carrying diverse life experiences and perspectives. The objectives of the Committee are the following:

  • Expand (high-school & undergraduate) mentorship programs (e.g. TECBio) to help create opportunities for a wider and more diverse pool of new researchers.
  • Host a talk (Akash) that will allow new students to be aware of both outreach committees (so they can join) during their Introduction Week.
  • Further analyze and break down results of the Climate Survey.
  • ​Create ways for more POC/URMs/Women to join the program
  • Work on recruitment from a Departmental standpoint.
  • Create and utilize a meaningful connection to the ODI for resources and guidance on further diversifying the program. The D&I Committee will be responsible for:
    • Creating opportunities for the members of the department to provide feedback
    • Creating opportunities for the trainees to have meaningful interaction with leadership and address issues of equity and inclusion in the department
    • Providing feedback to leadership regarding climate, work culture, inclusion and diversity in the department
    • Recommending strategies for increased recruitment, retention and advancement of students, fellows and faculty from under-represented groups (racial, ethnic and other minority groups).
    • Conducting a bi-annual self-assessment The D&I committee will meet once a month and consists of 8 members of the department’s students, fellows, faculty and staff.

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Committee Members

Maria Chikina
Andreas Vogt
My motivation for being on the committee is that I feel that those of us who are privileged have a responsibility to help move the culture towards eliminating inequities. As a faculty member, this committee gives me an opportunity to achieve this goal by raising awareness, help recognize and change existing patterns and behaviors, disseminating information, and providing resources and opportunities to those less fortunate than me.
Kelly Gentille
I am hopeful and optimistic that by passionately encouraging kindness, inclusivity, and awareness we will be able to create a positive working environment where all voices feel understood and appreciated. We all have the same goal - to do our best work, and that will be only possible when we are committed to setting equality as our greatest expectation.
Mark Ebeid
Caroline Larkin
Dante Poe
April Rich
Hanxi Xiao

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In The News


February 21 at 6:00 pm – Blue, Gold, & Black: Reflections Of The Black Pitt Experience Through The Years

February 25 at 7:00 pm – Black Excellence Bash

Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Newsletter – June 2022

Click here to read the June 2022 newsletter from the University of Pittsburgh Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Mourning Larry E. Davis

The University of Pittsburgh community is mourning the passing of Larry E. Davis, dean of Pitt’s School of Social Work from 2001-2018 and founding director of its Center on Race and Social Problems. Davis died on March 30.

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Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion https://www.diversity.pitt.edu/
Training and program videos from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Pitt Pitt Diversity – YouTube
Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program https://www.diversity.pitt.edu/education/diversity-and-inclusion-certificate-program

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Make a Report

Please use this form (link below) to report a bias incident involving a member of the University of Pittsburgh community or University facilities. Bias incidents may include, but are not limited to, incidents of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation prohibited by our Policies, Procedures, and Practices, including those related to sexual misconduct.

You may submit this report form anonymously. However, please be advised, without presented contact information, we are unable to provide follow-up, and the University’s options for response may be limited. Additional information regarding Anonymous Reporting, Confidentiality, and Retaliation is also available prior to reporting on this form.

For questions related to reporting bias incidents, contact the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX for additional information.


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