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Dr. Bahar Featured in Biophysical Society’s Biophysics Week

Making a Difference by Daring to be Different: Read about the life and career of Ivet Bahar

  • Ivet’s beginning in Turkey, her home country, where she attained her degree and started her academic career
  • Her move to the US, where she founded our department and our Ph.D. program
  • Her pioneering work on the Gaussian Network Model, which has become an established tool to compute protein dynamics
  • Her continued scholarly success both at the University and nationally
  • And her advice to young researcher. Here is an excerpt:

    Ivet has had several female doctoral students even though women are underrepresented in her area of research. Ivet’s message to young women aspiring to have scientific careers is to be brave and to take risks. Women (as well as men) can do whatever they want but she says that they should not ‘wait’ and hope for the best time, as there may never be one, but just seize the day and do it.

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