We are a small focused group with extensive collaborations both within and outside of the University of Pittsburgh.

Current Members

Om Prakash Choudhary, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow, Computational Biophysics
Akif Burak Tosun, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fellow, Computational Pathology
nguyen_web Luong Nguyen, Ph.D. student (co-mentor)
Research: Computational Pathology
dspagnolo Daniel Spagnolo, Ph.D. student (co-mentor)
Research: Computational Pathology
John Frazier, DMD, MSPH, Ph.D. student
Department of Biomedical Informatics Training Program
Research: Computational Pathology
Maurice Marx, B.S.
Research Programmer, Computational Bioimaging
Aife Ni Chochlain
Sophomore, Computational Biology

Former Members

Andrej Savol, Ph.D.
Research: Identifying novel reaction coordinates for analyzing
molecular dynamics simulations of globular proteins.
Thesis Defended: April, 2015
Present: Bioinformatics, MGH (Sep 2015)
Shannon Quinn, Ph.D.
Research: Distributed spectral graph methods for analyzing
large-scale unstructured biomedical data.
Thesis Defended: Nov, 2014
Present: Assistant Professor, Joint Appointment in the Depts. of Computer Science and Cell Biology, University of Georgia (Jan 2015)
Virginia Burger, Ph.D.
Research: Early disease detection through computational pathology.
Thesis Defended: Oct, 2013.
Present: NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT (Jan 2014)
John Durkin, M.D.
Research: Computational Pathology

Undergraduate Mentoring

  • Catherine Lesuisse (TECBio REU 2015), University of Pittsburgh
  • Aife Ni Chochlain (TECBio REU 2015), University of Pittsburgh
  • Alex Carle (TECBio REU 2014), Purdue University
  • Daniel Cardona (SysMed REU 2014), Cornell University
  • Lauren Prince (TECBio REU 2013), Howard University
  • Dan Spagnolo (SysMed REU 2012), Swarthmore College
  • Benjy Narotsky (TECBio REU 2012), University of Pittsburgh