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D. Lansing Taylor, PhD
D. Lansing Taylor, PhD
Distinguished Professor

PhD in Cell Biology, State University of New York at Albany

4107 Pittsburgh Technology Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Office: Pittsburgh Technology Center
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Research Summary

My research interests have been rooted in understanding the temporal-spatial dynamics of signaling molecules and proteins in living cells, coupled to defining the mechanisms of fundamental cell functions such as cell division and cell migration. I have always integrated the development of new technologies in fluorescence-based reagents and light microscope imaging in order to improve the ability to define molecular events in cells and tissue models. My interests have evolved from single cell activities to understanding cellular population dynamics, including the biological basis for heterogeneity in response to perturbations such as drug treatments. We are also investigating populations of cancer cell models labeled with a panel of fluorescent probes of pathway nodes, organelle functions and cell health to measure, model and predict outcomes using computational and systems biology methods.

In my role as the Director of the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute, I have the goal to assist both academic and commercial collaborators to discover and to develop efficacious and safe therapeutics based on the integration of outstanding science, technology and drug discovery/development methods. Protein-protein interactions are a personal interest, including the development of biosensors of the interactions.