Textbook is now in use at several universities and available in Japanese translation

japanese-translationStatistical Physics of Biomolecules: An Introduction, by D. M. Zuckerman (CRC Press, 2010) emphasizes the basics in an accessible way, along with key biophysics book_coverapplications and some non-equilibrium topics.  Available at amazon.  Corrections are available here. Solution sets are available for instructors through the publisher, who should be contacted according to country: For US/Canada the contact is Susie Carlisle (Susie.Carlisle@taylorandfrancis.com). For the UK it is Matthew Fifield (Matthew.Fifield@tandf.co.uk). For all other international it is Laura Simonite: (laura.simonite@tandf.co.uk).

My gratitude to a number of colleagues who have caught errors in the text and solutions: Hiroshi Fujisaki, Alan Grossfield, Blake Mertz, Jeff Wereszczynski.