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Weikang Wang wins DCSB Best Postdoc of the Year Award for 2019 at the CSB Annual Appreciation lunch

Jianhua Xing (left) and Weikang Wang (right)

Dr. Weikang Wang received the DCSB Best Postdoctoral Associate Award of the Year 2019. He was nominated by his mentor, Dr. Jianhua Xing. Dr. Wang tackled a very challenging problem of how to extract dynamical information from single cell studies. He established an experimental/computational framework, and introduced techniques from microscopy, machine learning,  nonlinear and chemical physics for quantitative studies of cell phenoytpic transition dynamics, as exampled by the manuscripts below.

1) Weikang Wang, David A. Taft, Yijiun Chen, Jingyu Zhang, Callen Wallace, Min Xu, Simon C. Watkins, Jianhua Xing, Learn to segment single cells with deep distance estimator and deep cell detector. Computers in Biology and Medicine, 108: 133-141 (2019).

2) Weikang Wang and Jianhua Xing, Analyses of Multi-dimensional Single Cell Trajectories Quantify Transition Paths between Nonequilibrium Steady States, BioRxiv copy, submitted.

3)  Weikang Wang, Diana L. Douglas, Jingyu Zhang, Yi-Jiun Chen, Ya-Yun Cheng, Sangeeta Kumari, Metewo Selase Enuameh, Yan Dai, Callen T. Wallace, Simon C. Watkins, Weiguo Shu, Jianhua Xing, M-TRACK: a platform for live cell multiplex imaging reveals cell phenotypic transition dynamics inherently missing in snapshot data, BioRxiv copy, submitted.