Oltvai comments on statin research and their effect on cancer

University of Pittsburgh researchers are studying statins and their effect on cancer. Their research says that [statins] ‘appear to be a promising, cost-effective’ way of reducing cancer spread.

Dr. Oltvai said:

“‘While statins probably aren’t going to be effective against a patient’s primary tumour, they could work to block the tumour’s ability to metastasise.

‘And that is very important because most cancer patients die of the metastases.’

He added that the solution may be to give statins alongside treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, he stressed that much more work is needed and said that people should not start dosing themselves with statins as an anti-cancer drug.”


Read the article here:
MACRAE, FIONA. Statins may stop spread of cancer. 28 Jan 2015. IOL Lifestyle.


The research was also featured on WESA, Pittsburgh: