From the Chair


Dear Colleagues,


One more year has passed, with many developments, good and bad. Our scientific productivity, the awards recognizing our work, especially that of our young faculty members, new initiatives and recruitment efforts, and our solidarity and friendship within the department are certainly high points to cherish. On the other hand, our department’s relocation, which has yet to be finalized, has been a real challenge; and that is nothing next to our current situation in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the midst of many unknowns, uncertainties, changes in plans. But one thing that remains constant is the power of science. Scientific progress/discovery emerges as the only path out of the current situation. Whether we work directly on a COVID-19-related topic or not, we all contribute to the advancement of science, laying the foundations of basic and translational research, training a new generation of scientists, or simply providing/sharing new data that will shed light to future discoveries. During these trying times, we are reminded of what really matters – doing something useful for future generations, and we all play a part in this endeavor. Thank you all for your continued hard work, and please stay safe.


Ivet Bahar
Distinguished Professor and John K. Vries Chair
Department of Computational & Systems Biology