DCSB Welcomes New Executive Administrator: Donald Bonidie

Please join us in welcoming our new Executive AdministratorDonald Bonidie, who joins us from the School of Computing and Information at the University of Pittsburgh where he was the Director of Business and Finance. He has been with the university for over 26 years.

We put together a brief interview with him below so that we all may get to know him a little better.

Are you from the Pittsburgh area?
I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. Lived in the inner city of Pittsburgh, East Liberty, with my 3 brothers and graduated from Peabody HS. I now reside outside of the city in Springdale with my wife of just about 25 years (on June 3rd!) Deanna, and my two daughters Victoria, a recent college graduate and in the fall a Pitt student pursuing her PhD in physics and astronomy and Haley, a soon to be senior in HS.

Where did you do your undergrad/masters and what did you study?
I did both my undergraduate (BS) and graduate (MS) degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, UG focus was in math and computer science while my masters was in Information Science.

What made you choose the University of Pittsburgh for your career?
I was always a big Pitt fan and always wanted to attend. However, funds were low so I got a job in the ID center at Pitt so I could take advantage of the tuition benefits. From there I took every opportunity to not only get my education but expand my resume by taking every staff training made available to me and every new task I could find. That has grown into a 28-year (this August) career.

Who is your mentor and who inspires you?
I have worked for the University for almost 28 years now and have been fortunate enough to have many mentors. However, Michele Montag of the Dietrich School stands out the most. She is incredibly bright, compassionate, and effective. As the Director of Administration, she demonstrated many of the qualities necessary to be an effective and inspirational leader.

What’s your most-used productivity hack?
Tackle must do and difficult tasks first. That’s when you will have the most energy to deal with them. Save the easier stuff for when you are the least energetic.

What’s something that you’re proud of?
That’s easy, I have two daughters and their accomplishments are what makes me most proud. I also love the fact that I was able to make them both feel and believe they are my favorite.

What motivates you at work?
Every job I have ever had I want to leave being the best that job has ever had. I want to set the bar and that’s a big task and a big motivator.

What are you hoping to achieve as the new Department Administrator?
My goal is to find operational efficiencies. I like taking a tedious task that takes a lot of time and effort and automating it to make it more efficient, accurate, and certainly less time.

Do you have any talents or hobbies?
My “hobby” if you will and my passion is teaching. I have been teaching as an adjunct faculty member here at Pitt for over 20 years.

Do you have any pets?
I have two wonderful pet piranhas.