Chennubhotla Categorizes Odors

Dr. Chakra Chennubhotla, along with Dr. Jason Castro, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Bates College, led research on a mathematical approach to standardizing odor descriptions. Arvind Ramanathan, computer scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, also collaborated. The team of researchers have identified 10 basic odor qualities: fragrant, woody/resinous, fruity (non-citrus), sickening (decayed), chemical, minty/peppermint, sweet, popcorn, sickening (pungent) and lemon. [See the press release for more information]

You can find the article published in PLOS ONE.

They have received media coverage from around the globe:
Science Daily:
NBC News:
The Independent:

Shannon Quinn, a graduate student in the CPCB Program, also played a role in this effort.

Congratulations, Chakra and Shannon!