A variable-gain stochastic pooling motif mediates information transfer from receptor assemblies into NF-κB
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dNEMO: a tool for quantification of mRNA and punctate structures in time-lapse images of single cells
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SunRISE: long-term imaging of individual mRNA molecules in living cells
Y Guo, REC Lee

Parallel Tempering with Lasso for Model Reduction in Systems Biology
S Gupta, REC Lee*, JR Faeder*
PLoS Computational Biology (* co-corresponding)



A system for analog control of cell culture dynamics to reveal capabilities of signaling networks
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Dopamine D2 receptor modulates Wnt expression and control of cell proliferation
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A network-centric approach to drugging TNF-induced NF-kB signaling
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Shift from stochastic to spatially-ordered expression of serine-glycine synthesis enzymes in 3D microtumors
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Evaluation of Parallel Tempering to Accelerate Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Systems Biology
S Gupta*, L Hainsworth, JS Hogg, REC Lee*, JR Faeder*
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Spatial Stochastic Modeling with MCell and CellBlender
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NF-κB-Chromatin Interactions Drive Diverse Phenotypes by Modulating Transcriptional Noise
VC Wong, VL Bass, ME Bullock, AK Chavali, REC Lee, W Mothes, S Gaudet, K Miller-Jensen
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NF-κB Dynamics Discriminate between TNF Doses in Single Cells
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Demystifying the cytokine network: Mathematical models point the way
PA Morel, REC Lee, JR Faeder



NF-κB signalling and cell fate decisions in response to a short pulse of tumour necrosis factor
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Putting it all on pigmentation: Heuristics of a bold and stochastic cell fate decision
J Xing* and REC Lee*
Science Signaling (* co-corresponding)



Fold Change of Nuclear NF-κB Determines TNF-Induced Transcription in Single Cells
REC Lee, SR Walker, K Savery, DA Frank, S Gaudet
Molecular cell

Cell-to-cell variability in cell death: can systems biology help us make sense of it all?
X Xia, MS Owen, REC Lee, S Gaudet
Cell death & disease

Monitoring the Proteostasis Function of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Metacaspase Yca1
A Shrestha, REC Lee, LA Megeney
Caspases, Paracaspases, and Metacaspases



A novel whole-cell lysate kinase assay identifies substrates of the p38 MAPK in differentiating myoblasts
JDR Knight, R Tian, REC Lee, F Wang, A Beauvais, H Zou, LA Megeney, AC Gingras, T Pawson, D Figeys, R Kothary
Skeletal Muscle



Metacaspase Yca1 is required for clearance of insoluble protein aggregates
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Reconstructing regulatory kinase pathways from phosphopeptide data: a bioinformatics approach
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A non-death role of the yeast metacaspase: Yca1p alters cell cycle dynamics
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Reconstructing the regulatory kinase pathways of myogenesis from phosphopeptide data
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The yeast kinome displays scale free topology with functional hub clusters
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