This page contains links to informational videos from the group and group member presentations.

September 2019 – Takis Benos, University of Utah, Pathology Grand Rounds, Salt Lake City, Utah. “Multi-modal Data Integration and Causal Inference in systems Medicine“. Time: 45:00 (real talk duration).
[UPDATED VERSION] December 2019 – Instructional video on how to run  CausalMGM  on  the web from Takis’ group  and collaborators. This video, which is narrated by Benos’ Lab Alumnus, Dr. Vineet Raghu, explains step by step how to use our newest web server ( for causal analysis.  The paper describing the server is here.  Time: 7:47.

Previous version: Version 1. (February 2019; Time: 4:27)

March 2019 – Video from Takis’ visit at the University of Montpellier. Takis taught a course: “Introduction to Analytical Approaches for Systems Biology and Bioinformatics“.  The visit was supported by the Fulbright Scholar Program.  This is a news announcement video.  Time: 2:18.
August 2017 – Vineet K. Raghu. 2017 SIGKDD Workshop on Causal Discovery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. “Companion of strategies for scalable causal discovery of latent variable models from mixed data“.   Time: 21:41.
February 2017 – Takis Benos.  UCLA, Cardiovascular Data Science Lecture Series, Los Angeles, California. “Data Integration and Causal Inference for Systems Medicine“.  Time: 53:34.
October 2012 – Takis Benos.  NYU, CHIBI Lecture, New York, New York. “The Importance of being microRNA. From disease markers and gene network regulators to therapeutic agents“. Time: 1:08:41.