Open Positions

Postdocs/Research Associates. No post-graduate research positions are available in Dr. Benos’ Lab at this time.  However, positions may open at any time.  Informal inquires from highly motivated individuals interested in doing research in the intersection of machine learning and medicine are welcomed.

Undergraduate training. We are dedicated to student training and advancement.  Undergraduate students with strong quantitative background that are interested in working on computational genomics and/or biomedical applications of machine learning are encouraged to contact Prof. Benos directly and inquire about research opportunities.

Graduate studentsPhD applicants: please note that I cannot sponsor graduate student applications.  All graduate students interested in working with our group should be accepted in one of the graduate programs I am affiliated with:

  • CPCB: Joint CMU-Pitt PhD Program in Computational Biology
  • ISP: Intelligent Systems PhD Program
  • BMI: Biomedical Informatics PhD program
  • ISB: Integrative Systems Biology PhD program
  • MSTP: Medical Scientist Training Program (MD/PhD)

Last update: Mar 5, 2021