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Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Gltph

Indira Shrivastava, Yan Gu, and Ivet Bahar 

  1. MD0_core1.mpg (3 MB)
    Opening up of HP2 hairpin loop in ones subunit.
  2. MD1_core1.mpg (1.5 MB) (Movie 1)
    Diffusion of glutamate into the subunit with the open HP2 hairpin loop.
  3. Stable binding of two sodium ions (3 MB) (Movie 2)
    Time evolution of three Na+ ions originally located at substrate binding site in substrate bound subunit.
  4. Aspartate translocation (1 MB .mov) (Movie 3)
    Translocation of aspartate along a putative permeation pathway observed in the steered MD simulations.

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