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Lab Members

Dr. Anupam Banerjee

PhD in Bioinformatics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Research Interests: Computational protein engineering, Structural bioinformatics.

Dr. Mary Cheng

PhD in Chem Eng, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Research Interests: Modeling, medicinal chem, ion transport, protein-lipid interactions.

Dr. Pemra Doruker

Senior Scientist
PhD in Chemical Engineering, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests: Comp struct biol, Protein dynamics and interactions, Multi-scale modeling and simulation

Dr. Burak Kaynak

Research Scientist
PhD in Physics, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests: Mathematical and Computational Physics; Multi-scale modeling and stochastic simulation

Dr. JiYoung Lee

Research Scientist
PhD in Phys, Pohang U of Sci and Technol
Research Interests: Mol Pharmacol, Drug Discovery, and Comp Biophys.

Daniel A. Peņaherrera

PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol
BS in Economics, Arizona State University.
Research Interests: Developing new methods for protein design using deep learning.

Anna Reinhard

Bahar Lab Administrator, Assistant to the Chair
BA Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Duties: Provides project management and research administration support to the Bahar Lab.

Qingya Shi (Hannah)

Visiting Scholar
8-year MD Program of Tsinghua University, China
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, modeling, quantitative systems pharmacology

Bently Wingert

PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol
MS Biochemistry, Iowa State University
Research Interests: Drug discovery and dynamics of intrinsically disordered protein domains

Haotian "Frank" Zhang

CoBB Student
Bachelors- Pharmaceutical Science. From: China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing, PRC.
Research interests: new drug development

Yan Zhang

PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol
MS in Pharmaceutical Sci, U of Pittsburgh, USA
Research Interests: Mesoscale modeling.