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Lab Members

Fangyuan Chen (Chelsea)

Visiting Scholar
8-year MD Program of Tsinghua University, China
Research Interests: Bioinformatics, genomics and molecular dynamics.

Dr. Mary Cheng

PhD in Chem Eng, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Research Interests: Modeling, medicinal chem, ion transport, protein-lipid interactions.

Jocelynne Dorotan

Current Pitt student with a double major in Molecular Biology and Spanish.
Research Interests: Protein structure and dynamics and protein-ligand interactions.

Dr. Pemra Doruker

Research Scientist
PhD in Chemical Engineering, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests: Comp struct biol, Protein dynamics and interactions, Multi-scale modeling and simulation

Dr. Burak Kaynak

Research Scientist
PhD in Physics, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests: Mathematical and Computational Physics; Multi-scale modeling and stochastic simulation

Dr. James Krieger

Postdoctoral Associate
PhD in Comp Biol, U of Cambridge, UK
Research Interests: Structural biol and bioinformatics; protein dynamics and signaling.

Dr. JiYoung Lee

Research Scientist
PhD in Phys, Pohang U of Sci and Technol
Research Interests: Mol Pharmacol, Drug Discovery, and Comp Biophys.

Dr. Hongchun Li

Postdoctoral Associate
PhD in Chem Biol, Xiamen U, China
Research Interests: Antimicrobial peptides and membranes; thermostability of proteins.

Dr. Bing Liu

PhD, Comp Sys Bio, Ntl U of Singapore
Research Interests: Comp modeling/analysis of the dynamics of biological sys.

Fen Pei

PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol
MS in Medicinal Chem, Peking U
Research Interests: Quantitative Sys Pharmacol.

Dr. Luca Ponzoni

Postdoctoral Associate
PhD, Mol and Statistical Biophys, SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Research Interests: Structural Biol.

She Zhang

PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol
BS in Biopharmaceuticals, Nanjing U of Chinese Medicine
Research Interests: Modeling chromatin dynamics.

Yan Zhang

PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol
MS in Pharmaceutical Sci, U of Pittsburgh, USA
Research Interests: Mesoscale modeling.