Congratulations to our recent CPCB graduates!

Rory Donovan

Congratulations to Dr. Rory Donovan, who successfully defended his thesis, “Efficient Sampling in Stochastic Biological Models” on May 31. Rory joined CPCB following his MS in Physics at U. of Washington, and his BA in Physics at Reed College, and was advised by CPCB co-Director Dr. Daniel Zuckerman.

Rory came back to Pittsburgh to defend his thesis, as he had already begun his position as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Nathan Price at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. In addition to celebrating his PhD, we are also eagerly awaiting news of the arrival of his first child!

David Farrow

Congratulations to Dr. David Farrow, who successfully defended his thesis, “Modeling the Past, Present, and Future of Influenza” on June 23. David joined CPCB following his BS in Computer Science at Harding University. David was advised by Dr. Roni Rosenfeld.

David, his wife, and their growing (Baby Farrow #2 is due soon) family are excited to be moving to the Bay Area, where David has accepted a position at Google.

AJ Sedgewick

Congratulations to AJ, who successfully defended his thesis, “Graphical models for de novo and pathway-based network prediction over multi-modal high-throughput biological data” on June 29. AJ joined CPCB following his BS in Computer Science at Princeton University. AJ was advised by Dr. Takis Benos.

AJ and his fiancee are excited to be moving to New York, where AJ has accepted a position at NantOmics.

Robert Sheehan

Congratulations to Bobby, who successfully defended his dissertation, “Closing the loop: A combined computational modeling and experimental approach provides novel insights into immune cell signaling systems and their global effects.” Bobby was advised by Jim Faeder during his time CPCB, and now will be heading to Harvard University as a Research Fellow in Therapeutic Science.

Jose Juan Tapia-Valenzuela

Congratulations to Jose for successfully defending his dissertation, “A study on systems modeling frameworks and their Interoperability”. Jose was a member of the Faeder lab during his time at CPCB, and now will continue to work with Jim.


Congratulations to you all!! We wish each of you the best of luck with your future endeavors!