Bahar research featured in winter 2014/2015 issue of Pitt Med

Dr. Bahar’s cutting edge research on a computer model of the CFTR gene, marking where mutations appeared, has been featured in the winter 2014/2015 issue of Pitt Med. The results of her research revealed pertinent information to the research of cystic fibrosis with collaborator, Dr. David Whitcomb.


“Another Kind of Cystic Fibrosis: CF’s Culprit Gene Linked to Pancreatitis, Too” Averett N

“Mechanisms of CFTR functional variants that impair regulated bicarbonate permeation and increase risk for pancreatitis but not for cystic fibrosis” LaRusch J, Jung J, General I, Lewis MD, Woo Park H, Brand RE, Gelrud A, Anderson MA, Banks PA, Conwell D, Lawrence C, Romagnuolo J, Baillie J, Alkaade S, Cote’ G, Gardner TB, Amann ST, Slivka A, Sandhu B, Aloe A, Kienholz ML, Yadav D, Barmada MM, Bahar I, Lee MG, Whitcomb DC, North American Pancreatitis Study GroupPLoS Genetics (2014) 10:e1004376. PMID: 2503378