Carlos Camacho

Carlos Camacho, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Physics, University of Maryland, College Park

Phone: (412)648-7776

Research Summary

A striking set of specific and non-specific interactions encoded in the protein structure tolerates binding only to a unique substrate. My main research interests focus on modeling the physical interactions responsible for molecular recognition, and in the development of new technologies for structural prediction, their substrates and supramolecular assemblies. Any progress in these fundamental problems is bound to bring about a better understanding of how proteins work cooperatively in a cell, promoting breakthroughs in every aspect of the biological sciences.

Recent Publications

Kroon E, Schulze JO, Süß E, Camacho CJ, Biondi RM, Dömling A (2015) Discovery of a Potent Allosteric Kinase Modulator by Combining Computational and Synthetic Methods Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 54: 13933–13936.

Abdelraheem EM, Camacho CJ, Dömling A (2015) Focusing on shared subpockets – new developments in fragment-based drug discovery Expert Opin Drug Discov  Aug 21:1-9.

Koes DR, Pabon NA, Deng X, Phillips MA, Camacho CJ (2015) A Teach-Discover-Treat Application of ZincPharmer: An Online Interactive Pharmacophore Modeling and Virtual Screening Tool PLoS One 10(8):e0134697.

Project title Proj Start Date Proj End Date Funding Source
Spatial Segregation of Cell Functioning during Motility 3/1/2012 11/30/2019 NIGMS-R01
Structural and Biophysical Mechanisms of Allele-Specific Binding in Hydroid Allorecognition Proteins 3/1/2016 2/28/2019 NSF