The Lee lab welcome’s two new PhD students!

Chaitanya Mokashi and Yue Guo, PhD students from the CPCB and Department of Physics and Astronomy have officially joined the lab. Welcome, we’re excited to have you and look forward to working together!!

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Robin Lee in Scientific Reports

New work by Robin Lee et al. in Scientific Reports show that exposure to TNF for a short period of time can induce strong responses in cells. In the case of cell death, longer isn’t always better. The work can be found here

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The Lee Lab would like to announce a new set of rotation students – Welcome to Chaitanya Mokashi and Amanda Kowalczyk, both of whom are rotating with us from our CPCB PhD program. We look forward to working with you both!

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Cells process information about their environment using a complex network of molecular circuits. Our research combines principles of systems and synthetic biology to understand how information flows through these circuits and fine-tunes cellular responses.