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Current Lab Members

Dr. Mary H. Cheng, Res Assistant Professor 
  Email:  Mary Cheng
  Phone: (412) 648-9614
  Office: BST3 3071
  Education:   PhD in Chemical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA
Research Interests:   Protein modeling and medicinal chemistry, focusing on molecular mechanisms of drug modulation of protein receptor channels, homology modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of biological systems, ion transport through membrane proteins, and protein-lipid interactions.
Dr. Bing Liu, Res Assistant Professor 
  Email:  Bing Liu
  Phone: (412) 648-7775
  Office/Website: Website BST3 3085
  Education:   PhD in Computational Systems Biology, National U of Singapore
Research Interests:   Computational modeling and analysis of the dynamics of biological systems; development of high-performance computing, formal verification, and machine learning techniques for systems biology.
Dr. Guangya Zhang, Visiting Faculty Scholar 
  Email:  Guangya Zhang
  Phone: (412) 383-7435
  Office/Website: Website BST3 3085
  Education:   PhD in Biochemical Engineering, Huaqiao University, PR China
Research Interests:   Novel enzyme mining and semi-rational design .
Dr. HongChun Li, Postdoctoral Associate 
  Email:  HongChun Li
  Phone: (412) 624 8699
  Office: BST3 3089
  Education:   PhD in Chemical Biology, Xiamen U, China
Research Interests:   Interactions between antimicrobial peptides and membranes; thermostability of proteins; online services for elastic network models (e.g. Gaussian network model and intrinsic dynamic domains); protein sequence classification based on machine learning, e.g. support vector machine.
Dr. Karolina Mikulska-Ruminska, Postdoctoral Associate 
  Email:  KMikulska-Ruminska
  Phone: (412) 624 8684
  Office/Website: Website BST3 3086
  Education:   PhD in Biophysics, Nicolaus Copernicus U, Torun, Poland
Research Interests:   Molecular dynamics and steered molecular dynamics methods (all-atom and coarse-grained), protein-ligand docking, bioinformatic analysis, single molecule force spectroscopy (AFM), homology modeling, drug design.
Dr. JiYoung Lee, Research Associate 
  Email:  JiYoung Lee
  Phone: (412) 383-5744
  Office: BST3 3085
  Education:   PhD in Physics, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Research Interests:   Molecular Pharmacology, Drug Discovery, and Computational Biophysics. Modeling of membrane system focusing on membrane receptors such as ionotropic glutamate receptors (iGluRs) and G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). Protein structure and function, protein-ligand, protein-lipid, protein-nucleotide, and protein-protein interactions.
Dr. Luca Ponzoni, Postdoctoral Associate 
  Email:  Luca Ponzoni
  Phone: (412) 648-8684
  Office: BST3 3087
  Education:   PhD, Molecular and Statistical Biophysics, Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA), Trieste, Italy
Research Interests:  
Dr. James Krieger, Postdoctoral Associate 
  Email:  James Krieger
  Phone: (412) 648-3333
  Office: BST3 3089
  Education:   PhD in Computational Biology, University of Cambridge, UK
Research Interests:   Structural biology and bioinformatics; protein dynamics and signaling.
Cihan Kaya, PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol 
  Email:  Cihan Kaya
  Phone: (412) 648-9625
  Office: BST3 3071
  Education:   MS & BS in Chemical Engineering, Bogazici University, Turkey
Research Interests:   Multiscale modeling of biological systems.
She Zhang, PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol 
  Email:  She Zhang
  Phone: (412) 643-7256
  Office: BST3 3076.3
  Education:   BS in Biopharmaceuticals, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, China
Research Interests:   Modeling chromatin conformation and dynamics by applying Elastic Network Models to Hi-C data.
Fen Pei, PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol 
  Email:  Fen Pei
  Phone: (412) 648-3333
  Office: Website BST3 3076.7
  Education:   MS in Medicinal Chemistry, Peking University, China
Research Interests:   Quantitative Systems Pharmacology.
Yan Zhang, PhD Student in CMU/Pitt Comp Biol 
  Email:  Yan Zhang
  Phone: -
  Office: BST3 3076.8
  Education:   MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Research Interests:   Mesoscale modeling of biological systems.