2017 Publications

Slide 1 Pociask DA, Robinson KM, Chen K, McHugh KJ, Clay ME, Huang GT, Benos PV, Janssen-Heininger YM, Kolls JK, Anathy V, Alcorn JF (2017) Epigenetic and Transcriptomic Regulation of Lung Repair during Recovery from Influenza Infection. Am J Pathol.  [Epub ahead of print].
carv-img Domazet-Loso T, Carvunis AR, M. Mar Alba, Sestak MS, Bakaric R, Neme R, Tautz D (2017) No evidence for phylostratigraphic bias impacting inferences on patterns of gene emergence and evolution Molecular Biology and Evolution 
ddi-disco Kaltenmeier CT, Vollmer LL, Vernetti LA, Caprio L, Davis K, Korotchenko VN, Day BW, Tsang M, Hulkower KI, Lotze MT, Vogt A (2017) A tumor cell-selective inhibitor of mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatases sensitizes breast cancer cells to lymphokine-activated killer cell activity. J Pharmacol Exp Ther.  [Epub ahead of print]


srep42296-f1 Vernetti L, Gough A, Baetz N, Blutt S, Broughman JR, Brown JA, Foulke-Abel J, Hasan N, In J, Kelly E, Kovbasnjuk O, Repper J, Senutovitch N, Stabb J, Yeung C, Zachos NC, Donowitz M, Estes M, Himmelfarb J, Truskey G, Wikswo JP, Taylor DL (2017) Functional Coupling of Human Microphysiology Systems: Intestine, Liver, Kidney Proximal Tubule, Blood-Brain Barrier and Skeletal Muscle. Sci Rep. 7:42296.
effect-of-dimerization Gur M, Cheng MH, Zomot E, Bahar I (2017) Effect of Dimerization on the Dynamics of Neurotransmitter: Sodium Symporters  J Phys Chem B [Epub ahead of print].

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